AntiBiotic Resistance in Indian Population

AntiBiotic Resistance in Indian Population

What causes it and how to keep safe.

Many factors are responsible for the fast emerging problem of drug resistance.

Self medication :
Relatives and friends often administer antibiotics to patients for minor illnesses without medical advice. In the absence of proper diagnosis, the antibiotic taken may be inappropriate or inadequate in dosage, which results in resistance. Such defiant micro-organisms then travel from one person to another and engulf the entire community, even the whole world.

Casual prescription of antibiotics :
Some doctors are also to blame. For example, in most cases, a sore throat is due to a viral infection that does not need an antibiotic. But often, the doctor in order to justify his consultation fee, may feel inclined to write a long prescription invariably including an antibiotic. Even if there is bacterial infection, unless its type is identified, this prescription is a recipe for the emergence of resistance. The rational approach is to get the throat swab cultured for identifying the bacteria and test its sensitivity t o a range of antibacterials. However, due to the efforts and expenses involved, many patients are reluctant to go through this procedure.

Illegal sale of prescription antibiotics :
Antibiotics are being sold illegally over the counter. The Drugs Controller General, India (DCGI) has cleared the sale of many combination products that contain two antibacterial agents. Some doctors even patronise such products as, in the absence of correct diagnosis, one or the other ingredient is likely to be effective. However. pat ients suffer in the long run. Drug manufacturers promote these for high profits.

Hospital infections :
Poor control of infections in hospitals harbour and spread resistant bugs not only to inpatients but the community at large.

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